Tender bot

Short description

Bot for automatic bidding on the tender exchange.


This application is designed to facilitate the work of a specialist in finding and receiving tenders of goods transportation.
The task was to write a desktop application that would log in at the tender exchange, parse information on current tenders and based on the set parameters of the lower price limit and the maximum amount of goods that can be transported, made a bid on the selected tender for a fraction of a second before the end of the auction. If the price of delivery is lower than the threshold, the line with the data on the tender would be painted in an orange color to let you know that it is not possible to further participate in this auction.
As a result, this application allowed the specialist to simply select the tenders he was interested in, set price and volume parameters and continue to do his other duties.
The interface is minimalistic and consists of three windows:

  • login form;
  • main window;
  • instruction window.


Technologies</ strong>: C++, Qt.</ em>